【Forum for Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine--April】

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  Forum for Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine--April

TimeApril 21st, 2021 Wednesday, 1000-1200

VenueOnline Meeting Cisco WebExhttps://reurl.cc/OXnnLD

 Online Meeting--Cisco WebEx184 293 5153



1. TMU faculty http://training.tmu.edu.tw

2. Research assistants and students http://event.tmu.edu.tw/actnews/?Sn=4158


Invited Speaker 1Jen-Chang Yang, Ph.D.

Professor and Chairman

Graduate Institute of Nanomedicine and Medical Engineering

College of Biomedical Engineering

Taipei Medical University

TopicTranslational Researches for Injectable Polyelectrolyte Complex (PEC) Based Tissue Engineering Scaffolds



Invited Speaker 2Yu-Hsiang Chang, M.D.

Associate Professor

International Ph.D. Program for Cell Therapy and Regeneration Medicine

College of Medicine, Taipei Medical University

Attending Physician

Tai Cheng Cell Therapy Center, National Taiwan University Cancer Center

TopicCAR-T cell therapy for B-cell malignancies


Welcome to Join Us!

Reference link:http://cctrm.tmu.edu.tw
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