GTP Lab.


About GTP Lab.

Cell therapy and stem cell research have attracted much attention in the medical community. TMU, a medical and biotechnology university with a social mission, has integrated resources under President Yen’s leadership to establish a Cell Therapy and Regeneration Medicine Research Center and a GTP Core Laboratory on January 19, 2016. 
The GTP Core Laboratory was established in compliance with Good Tissue Practice requirements to isolate, purify and store various clinical-grade cells and stem cells and provide a reliable source of high-quality cells for clinical trials. 


Image: Trustees Chairman Wen-Chang Chang (left) and President Yun Yen attend the opening ceremony. 


Image: TMU leaders at opening ceremony for Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine Research Center. 

The TMU GTP Laboratory is equipped with two independently operating clean rooms of Class 1,000. These achieve a higher clean standard than required by the Ministry of Health and Welfare (Class 10,000). All instruments and environmental parameters are monitored by a central control system. Our microfluidic chip based cell sorter can isolate and purify cell products effectively, while the programmable freezer and automated cryogenic system can store large number of cell products. Maintenance, calibration, and cleaning are done regularly by specialists to establish a rigorous quality control and to ensure the safety and efficacy of clinical-grade cell products. 


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